10 Reasons Why I Love To Sew

10 reasons

If there is one thing that most people who know me know, is that I love to sew. But most don’t know that I actually enjoy patternmaking more, even though I probably know more about the former.

I first started sewing  in my younger years as just something that seemed interesting. I made a few simple things here and there, but nothing too successful. I even made a drawstring bag in 7th grade home-ec. But even that wasn’t all that impressive. It wasn’t until I was in my early twenties and fed up with heading to the biggest malls, pockets full of green, and coming home with nothing. My closet was slowly going bare with my wallet still full…something had to change! So what started out as a need and desperation quickly turned into a full time passion.

So here are a 10 reasons why I love to sew (and make my own patterns):

  1. I can make what I WANT.I never have to look for what someone else dictates as to whats in and whats out or wait for someone else to make it,
  2. Knowing that what I’m wearing really is one of a kind (for the most part).No more outfit twins
  3. It comes in my size.Once you get some fitting, patternmaking and/or grading knowledge under your belt sizing doesn’t matter anymore (again for the most part).
  4. Handmade = Better Quality. No more one and done clothing lost to the washing machine.
  5. It’s affordable. Story on that coming soon.
  6. I can now try for Me-Made-May. I can create my own unique handmade wardrobe. Maybe this will be the year for MMM.
  7. It’s social. Patternreview.com, Stitcher’s Guild, Burdastyle Sewing Club, American Sewing Guild and so on.
  8. It can be profitable.
  9. Slow Fashion Movement. For me this means quality over quantity, ethical and timeless.
  10. It’s Fun. Sewing and patternmaking are truly my creative passion and hope to use it help others.

What would you make? Wool



This is my question to you, what would you make with 12 yards of expensive wool suiting? My DH was gifted 4 pieces (a little over 3 yards each) of wool suiting and what I was told they aren’t cheap. Well he had no use for them so he gifted to me (thanks DH), but I have no idea what to make with them. I don’t wear suits ( dropped business in college for a reason) and my life is basically causal, so now what?

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Studio Notes and News 2

Notes and News

So what’s been going on in the indie sewing and blogging world? Happy that you asked 😉

From the Studio, I have been hard at work when I can completing my first pattern. I’m hoping to send out a tester call soon.

From around the blogsphere:

With all of the indie pattern sales happening this month I really need to take advantage of them, especially since I lost most my pattern collection this pattern summer to an overseas move.

Until next time, happy sewing…


Sewing Tip: Fabric scissors

Always use fabric shears for fabric and paper scissors for paper and patterns. Trying tying a piece of ribbon around your shears to help others  remember. Also extra scissors sprinkled throughout the house will help with others not running into your sewing space to just “grab a pair”. Ask me how I know