It’s Sew Time

It's Sew Time

So it’s been a quite couple of months here on the blog but God Willing that will change. I already had a lot  planned in the coming months and  with Patternreview announcing its 2016 contest it only added more but in a good way. There are about 7 contest I want to try but my aim will be at least 4. Hopefully I can get it done and share it here with you.

First up are two contest that just had to share the same start date, the Little Red Dress contest and the Wardrobe contest. Now almost two years ago around this same time in 2014 I entered the Little White Dress contest and really enjoyed making my dress and I still wear it. Like then I would like to use my own pattern if possible but I want to up the game a little and challenge myself some more. It also helps that red is one of my favorite colors to wear. Then there is the wardrobe contest, it is quite possibly my favorite type of contest of all. I love seeing all the different coordinating outfits someone has made, and how two different people can take the same patterns or fabric and make it their own.

little white dress

It has been awhile since I done a wardrobe contest, but since I already plan to sew at least most of my clothes anyway so a contest would just make it a little more interesting. I’m currently working on two maybe three skirt patterns that I plan to include in my wardrobe a wrap skirt and a A-line skirt, both will be maxi length.

So how about you, have any sewing contest plans coming up? I would love to hear.

Until next time,happy sewing…


Fall Sewing Update

Sewing Plans

Since my Fall sewing plans post a lot has happened, unfortunately it has not been sewing. One of those things included moving into a new place, this has given me a more spacious studio to work in so I can’t complain. So now my Fall sewing plans have been put off for so long they are starting to look more like Winter/ Early Spring sewing plans. Now it is just a matter of getting myself and my family back into a regular routine. Find time to sew has always been a challenge for me but with this latest move and other plans in action I’m hoping this will change.


I did manage to successfully draft a knit sloper for my t-shirts. It took quite a bit of redrafts, much head scratching, a few pouting sessions, and much tweaking to get it the way I wanted, but it was worth it and I am happy with it. Now the only left to do is to design it for my t-shirt, but that will have to wait for now.

Next up bottoms, I won’t go into any details about this just yet. I will say I am planning on making something much easier to draft. Once I am done I plan to go ahead and finish up my t-shirt and using both patterns to create a few mix and match wardrobe pieces, so keep and eye out.

Until next time, happy sewing…

P.S. Look out for a photo tour of the new studio soon.


#Sewphotohop Are You In?

Are you in on the Instagram fun #sewphotohop . I only found out a few days ago, so I was a bit late, but joined in any way and I have been enjoying the experience. The goal is to post a pic according the day’s theme for August, here are a few of my own photos

Day 7: Sew up close .SGS Pattern

Day 6: Pattern that changed my lifePatternmaking book

Day 4: Work/Play SGS Dressform

You see more and follow me along on Instagram @secretgardenstudio.

Until next time, happy sewing…

10 Knit Tops I Want To Sew ….NOW

top 10 knits to sew

In my last post I talked about drafting and sewing all of my knit tops for my Fall wardrobe but I thought it would be nice to list a few ready made sewing patterns that I would love to sew right now. Some of these I have sewn in the past and some are just ones I have been eyeing for quite a while and one is new to me but I’m just lovin it. So if you’re looking to sew some nice and easy knit tops I hope this list helps.

In no particular order

  1. Sewaholic Renfrew– This pattern has been on my radar screen for along time but due to me living abroad I wasn’t able to get it cheaply and at the time I was still prefering preprinted patterns.
  2. Grainline Studio Hemlock– I love a nice slouchy t-shirt and as a bonus it can be made in a woven also.
  3. Simplicity 2345- This was one of my favorites patterns. The top is part of a wardrobe but it was just the top I had sewn. I added sleeves to mine from another simplicity pattern.
  4. BurdaStyle 02/2009-108- Even though I only made one it was one of my favorite and has lasted me 6 six years and still going strong for me
  5. Grainline Studio Scout (Woven)- Even though this is a pattern for a woven top I have seen it in a knit and it is nice and I want my own copy.
  6. Union St. Tee- This pattern is new to me but all I hear and see is raving reviews and pictures that are just as nice. So this is one pattern I would love to try.
  7. Sew U Home Stretch (book)- What is not to like it is a book about sewing knits, comes along with three patterns and shows how to make a whole wardrobe of knit tops and dresses.
  8. Alabama Studio Design T-shirt (book)- I have to admit that when I first saw this book a few years ago I judged it based on its cover and I wasn’t impressed so I never bothered to look into it. Fast forward to this past spring and my kids bought it as surprise gift, and let me tell you, that saying never judge a book by its cover, it is so true. I mean talk about my jaw dropping to the floor, let’s just say with detail she puts into those garments I want everything.
  9. Grainline Studio Linden Sweatshirt- As you can see by now I really like Grainline Studio patterns, again this is  just another style I really like.
  10. New Look 6735- Just a classic t-shirt that seems to sew up nicely for everyone. Plain and simple it is a classic.

Until next time, happy sewing…