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It’s Sew Time

It's Sew Time

So it’s been a quite couple of months here on the blog but God Willing that will change. I already had a lot  planned in the coming months and  with Patternreview announcing its 2016 contest it only added more but in a good way. There are about 7 contest I want to try but my aim will be at least 4. Hopefully I can get it done and share it here with you.

First up are two contest that just had to share the same start date, the Little Red Dress contest and the Wardrobe contest. Now almost two years ago around this same time in 2014 I entered the Little White Dress contest and really enjoyed making my dress and I still wear it. Like then I would like to use my own pattern if possible but I want to up the game a little and challenge myself some more. It also helps that red is one of my favorite colors to wear. Then there is the wardrobe contest, it is quite possibly my favorite type of contest of all. I love seeing all the different coordinating outfits someone has made, and how two different people can take the same patterns or fabric and make it their own.

little white dress

It has been awhile since I done a wardrobe contest, but since I already plan to sew at least most of my clothes anyway so a contest would just make it a little more interesting. I’m currently working on two maybe three skirt patterns that I plan to include in my wardrobe a wrap skirt and a A-line skirt, both will be maxi length.

So how about you, have any sewing contest plans coming up? I would love to hear.

Until next time,happy sewing…


Fall Sewing Update

Sewing Plans

Since my Fall sewing plans post a lot has happened, unfortunately it has not been sewing. One of those things included moving into a new place, this has given me a more spacious studio to work in so I can’t complain. So now my Fall sewing plans have been put off for so long they are starting to look more like Winter/ Early Spring sewing plans. Now it is just a matter of getting myself and my family back into a regular routine. Find time to sew has always been a challenge for me but with this latest move and other plans in action I’m hoping this will change.


I did manage to successfully draft a knit sloper for my t-shirts. It took quite a bit of redrafts, much head scratching, a few pouting sessions, and much tweaking to get it the way I wanted, but it was worth it and I am happy with it. Now the only left to do is to design it for my t-shirt, but that will have to wait for now.

Next up bottoms, I won’t go into any details about this just yet. I will say I am planning on making something much easier to draft. Once I am done I plan to go ahead and finish up my t-shirt and using both patterns to create a few mix and match wardrobe pieces, so keep and eye out.

Until next time, happy sewing…

P.S. Look out for a photo tour of the new studio soon.


Tee Time

Tee Time

So I am only a day late and a dollar short when comes to posting my update to last week’s post on my Fall wardrobe sewing plans.

So first up are some knit tops aka tees aka t-shirts. Since I plan to sew about 9 of these I’m thinking 3 different styles with about 3 each. I won’t be using any ready made patterns, instead I’ll be drafting my own. I know this will just add time to my plans but for some reason I just really enjoy making my own.

Knit fabric

Now when it comes to styles I know I want a boatneck top, and two different cowls. I’ll then change them up using two different hem and sleeve lengths. So stay tuned up next drafting.

one of my first self drafted knit tops
one of my first self drafted knit tops

Until next time, happy sewing…


My Wardrobe and Fall Sewing Plans

So today I had another post planned but decided to postpone it until later because after seeing a Today news segment that actually aired today, it helped me focus my post and plans which I will post later this week.

SGS Studio

Like many women I have clothes in my closet that I just don’t wear the segment mentioned that a New York Times article says that most only wear about 20% . Now don’t get me wrong I like all of the clothes in my closet but for some reason or another I just don’t seem to pull some of them out a lot. Most of the time it is because it just doesn’t fit with my stay at home homeschooling mom/wife that loves to walk lifestyle and then fit is a close second. So I decided to try and make at least 80% of my wardrobe. Most of what I do wear are things that I made and even more of that are from patterns that I drafted myself.

There are many sewing plans such as SWAP to be found on the web and some even have sew alongs and or parts like the Colette Wardrobe Architect. But for my limited amount of time I don’t always want to be reading this new article or this new installment to some series, I know what I like and I know what works for me and this article helped me focus on how much I should aim for.


taken from Samantha Okazaki / TODAY article

So my goal number is 30, 30 item that is and 24 of those I hope to sew myself. Also   I will try to focus my sewing on one season at a time. Up next Fall sewing plans.

Until next time, happy sewing…