I have been sewing for 14 years now and it has been a true enjoyment for me and there really isn’t anything I’m not willing to try but there are somethings I have yet to sew and really want to sew . I have put these items in a list and called it my sewing bucket list. They are in no particular order but I hope to get started on a couple of them sometime in the near future. They are:

1. Sew a capsule wardrobe
2. Tailor a traditional woman’s blazer/ Jacket
3. French (Chanel) Style Jacket
4. Sew myself a one of a kind trench coat.
5. Sew myself an evening gown.

Sew a capsule wardrobe

I ever since I found about SWAP (sewing with a plan) many years ago I have been with varying degrees obsessed with it. Seeing a plan transform from flat fabrics and patterns to a full handmade wardrobe of the sewn up items is impressive to me. I have attempted to sew my own little wardrobe a few times over the years but for some reason or another I have never finished a full plan but it has changed they way I sew. The method of sewing up a coordinating wardrobe is how I try to do most of my sewing now. When I plan my sewing I don’t just see it as an individual item but part of a bigger wardrobe. While most of my clothes are handmade by me, I am working towards upping that number to about 90%, I really would like to sew up about 6 to 12 interchangeable items at one time.

Tailor a Jacket

This would be a long project for me and that I think would be greatly rewarding and calming. While most of the items I wear  are pretty quick and easy, a project like this one where I can just take my time and just enjoy and appreciate the process would be nice change. I don’t wear tailored jackets right now and that is only because I own one. I can see me wearing one full blue skirt, a nice crisp white tee underneath and a pair of comfy flats to match, yeah I can it, NICELY.

Couture Cardigan Jacket

Sewing up classic French Style jacket would a dream again a nice and slow project. But once you have made one of these with your own hands you got some bragging rights. While there are a lot of books and articles out that show how to sew one up for yourself and I have the Couture Sewing book, I think something like this would be more suited to live class for me, but then again there is Craftsy.

Sew a Trench Coat

Sewing up a trench coat could be paired with sewing up a jacket but I don’t need all of that inside tailoring for MY trench coat. The trench
coat  mostly about the look or details on the outside for me, double-breasted , belt, long a-line shape and so on. This is again one of those longer to sew items but not that long. I think I may aim for trying for the summer to wear during the fall months.

Sew an Evening Gown

As a busy homeschooling stay at home mom to many, I don’t really have a lot of opportunities to wear as nice an evening gown. Now I have made myself a nice dress about 9 years ago but it was just a matching dress to my daughters dresses and it really wasn’t that fancy or unique.  I do I want one that is all me, designed and tailored to fit me to a tee with my unique personal style. While I was hoping to make one for myself with a holiday coming up but it looks like it is not going to happen. Maybe next year.

How about you do you have a sewing bucket list that you are working on? If so let me know in the comments section below.

And until next time, happy sewing…