As a m.o.m. (mother of many) I’m always trying to find ways to make use of my small free time. There are some days I don’t get a chance to just sit down and just sew but I can eek out a few minutes here and there and there are somethings one can do in those brief moments that I can have a big impact on a sewing project,. Here are just a few that I hope can help you.

  1. Pretreat your fabric– I do most of my laundry between other house chores and other things. When I know what I am going work on next I just run to my studio grab it up and throw in the washing machine and if I have like colors to go with it in they go too.

  2. Pull out your pattern If you have a pattern collection like I use to have then this can take a few minutes, but having a system for storing your envelop patterns can help a lot.
  3. Press your fabric– Now this may take more than 10 minutes but if you can leave your ironing board up and iron out just doing it a little here and there can get it done sooner than you know it.
  4. Iron your pattern pieces– If you use a lot of big 4 and some indie patterns the tissue paper wrinkles like crazy even (at least for me) after I take the time to
  5. Mark your pattern pieces– If your like most people, you don’t fit commercial patterns right out the envelope and need to do some adjusting. I almost always have to do some type of adjustment.
  6. Gather your notions– For me I just like to put everything on my cutting table and off to the side. I have heard of people using small shoe size storage containers or gallon size storage bags to keep all of their notions for each sewing project.
  7. Thread your machineI don’t have to do this a lot since I stick to only a few colors
  8. Pin a few seams– ┬áNothing here to add
  9. Stitch any straight seams– If you are already familiar with what you are sewing then some seams can probably be stitched out-of-order without interfering with other parts of your project.
  10. Sew on a button– For me this happens at night when the kids are asleep because I find handsewing to be relaxing. For others who wish to use a machine, a button or two can be done in about 10 minutes.

Things like actually adjusting your pattern pieces for fit and cutting out fabric can take me more than 10 minutes, but for some super fast people this could also be done in 10 minutes. These are things I like to reserve for when I do have larger amounts of time to commit and get them done in one session.

How about you, do you have anything that is quick to do that gets you sewing sooner when those big chunks of are available? Do let me know in the comments.

Until next time, happy sewing…