wardrobe with 4 basic patterns book   Since I posted this on my Instagram account that I had two of these books, I decided to review them for today’s post.

I first found out about this book a few years ago on the Sewing Plum blog. It peaked my interest when she mentioned that Rusty says that you can use one top pattern and making into 6 different items a pullover, a button down shirt, a vest, a dress, jacket, and a coat. I would think that if you’re into layering then at some point there would be some bunching around the sleeves but then again this is the 80s were oversize was the norm. But any book that shows and tells how to maximize with minimal patterns, I’m on it, I just love the idea.

 making a wardrobe

Ms. Rusty  does very well explaining just how to make many other items using just four base patterns. The styles are a bit out of date but the information I believe can still be applied to any modern pattern. There no pictures only black and white illustrations and no many at that. She shows you how to draft patterns for a pullover top, dirndl skirt, circle skirt, and pants, and then how to make a few variations on each. drafting the pullover

The book is not very thick with only 158 pages and can be found online pretty cheap.

making a wardrobe of skirts


While the styles in the book are not my taste, the ideas can still be applied to any modern pattern with just a few adjustments. I think a book like this is something that is still very much needed in 2016 with the slow fashion movement taking off and with our busy lives, having a few tried and tested patterns that can be used to make an entire wardrobe. It is not a must have book but it would make a nice addition to a sewing library.

making a complete wardrobe from 4 basic patterns

Until next time, happy sewing…