So this post has only been 5 months in the making, but at least now it is here. It seems that sewing spaces have been trending these past few weeks. Tilly over at TATB just featured a third sewing space, Curvy Sewing Collective showcased their second space, and Rhonda over at Rhonda’s Creative Life is presenting some sewing room inspiration as she organizes her own space, so seemed like perfect timing for me.

SG Studio 1

About my space: It seems to have been either the owner’s or the previous tenet’s child’s bedroom. The walls are green, yellow, red, and blue. The room has two entryways with a Dr. Seuss saying above each, I blocked off the one coming the hallway and the other leads right into my bedroom, this has cut down on a lot of interruptions from my kids. The closet holds tubs with my fabric until I can find some shelving for them. The only addition I would like to add is maybe something to walls, other than that I’m very happy with my space. I may not have the fancy dancy sewing space that gets one’s room featured or pinned a hundred times but I have been blessed through all of our travels and moving I have almost always had a dedicated spaced that worker for me.

SG Studio 2

The view from my bedroom doorway

SG Studio 3 SG Studio 4

The sewing machine to the left of my serger/overlocker is my daughter’s.

SG Studio 5 SG Studio 6 SG Studio 7

I have two ironing boards, the table top one I just got about two weeks ago from a used furniture store. I have not used it yet but I plan to use on pressing smaller things so I don’t always have to set up the bigger one.

SG Studio 8 SG Studio 9 SG Studio 10 SG Studio 11

Bolt of muslin and a old dry erase board from homeschooling last year. I use for keeping trying of my ‘to do’ list and other plans. Right now it is turned around as to not give a way some future plans.

SG Studio 12

If you look to the lower right hand corner you can see my DH’s desk but he doesn’t use it a whole lot. I use the white table seen in the first picture as a desk.

SG Studio 13

Doorway to my bedroom with hanging mirror.

SG Studio 14

This is how I normally work, with my table up against the bookcases. I pull it out only when I need to get a book or I am cutting out fabric.

SGS Blue

Some of the letters are missing but it says “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind won’t matter and, Those who matter won’t mind. -Dr. Seuss

SGS Yellow

A nice reminder for the young and old

Until next time, happy sewing…