the sewing book       The Sewing Book by Alison Smith: If you are a beginner when it comes to sewing or even intermediate to advance then this is the book for you. This would probably be the first book I would recommend to anyone just starting out. The step by step pictures make it very easy to understand and follow. The only other book that comes as close to this one in terms of the clarity and quality of pictures are the Singer sewing books. But the one thing this book has over Singer are the step by step pictures.

the sewing book contents

This book is an updated version of The Complete Book Of Sewing. So if you have that book you see a lot reprinted items. All of the techniques are done over and the pictures are a bit bigger for clarity.

the complete book of sewing

the sewing book the complete book of sewing

the sewing book and complete book of sewing

Brief overview: The book contains basically the same sections you would see in general sewing techniques book, sewing equipment, fabrics, patterns, and it goes into the techniques and also has a few projects at the end. The techniques are grouped according to garment sections. For example shaping is all grouped together, this includes darts, tucks, pleats, and gathers. There is also some fitting and tailoring included.

I have a lot of general sewing books but this book is one of some that I really like. As I said before the clear step by step photos making very easy to understand and follow.The only illustrations are showing examples of the variety items in a garment, for example different types of cuffs, different types of darts and so on. Also each technique is rated according to its level of difficulty. And another thing I find interesting but I don’t know how useful it is, is the color coordination that is going on. If the book section is pink then all of techniques are shown on garments that are pink

the sewing book sleeves

The projects section is a nice touch that I don’t find in a lot sewing books. Most of the time you need to buy the patterns as extra. There are a total of 18 sewing projects and just like the techniques they are rated according to difficulty and it list what techniques are used to complete the project.

the sewing book bag project

the sewing book directory

If you’re looking for a sewing book that will teach you the basic, easy to understand and follow even if you are beyond the basics then this would be one book I would recommend.

until next time, happy sewing