Sewing Plans

Since my Fall sewing plans post a lot has happened, unfortunately it has not been sewing. One of those things included moving into a new place, this has given me a more spacious studio to work in so I can’t complain. So now my Fall sewing plans have been put off for so long they are starting to look more like Winter/ Early Spring sewing plans. Now it is just a matter of getting myself and my family back into a regular routine. Find time to sew has always been a challenge for me but with this latest move and other plans in action I’m hoping this will change.


I did manage to successfully draft a knit sloper for my t-shirts. It took quite a bit of redrafts, much head scratching, a few pouting sessions, and much tweaking to get it the way I wanted, but it was worth it and I am happy with it. Now the only left to do is to design it for my t-shirt, but that will have to wait for now.

Next up bottoms, I won’t go into any details about this just yet. I will say I am planning on making something much easier to draft. Once I am done I plan to go ahead and finish up my t-shirt and using both patterns to create a few mix and match wardrobe pieces, so keep and eye out.

Until next time, happy sewing…

P.S. Look out for a photo tour of the new studio soon.