Reader's Digest 1976 vs 2002

Part 2 and the conclusion of our comparison.

Chapter 6 : Sleeves and Sleeve Finishes

The chapters again are pretty much the same. The illustrations of the various sleeve types from RD76 are replaced with pictures of garments on models in RD02. Also RD76 has three extra pages of three extra sleeve types that aren’t in the newer version (band cuff, straight turnback cuff, and shaped turnback cuff) which you can see below.


Just look at the difference in the amount of info from one version to the other.


 The three extra cuff styles


 Chapter 7 : RD76 Making and Applying Pockets, RD02 Pockets


Difference here is that RD02 color combinations make understand the illustrations a lot easier than the older version

Chapter 8: RD76 Hems and Other Edge Finishes, RD02 Hems

Again the chapter is pretty much the same until you come to the end. Once again RD76 has just a bit more info. It’s only one additional page but it includes hemming knits, something I think is still relevant today. Don’t you think so?


Chapter 9: RD76 Handbook of Closures RD02 Fastenings

This chapter is pretty much laid out the same. The illustrations in RD02 are much easier read again and RD76 does have a bit more info in the way of pointers and tips.


Chapter 10: RD76 Tecgniques of Tailoring RD02 Tailoring

At this point you can safely guess about this chapter but this time RD02 does have a bit extra. At the end of this chapter RD02 includes some finshed garment alterations.


Chapter 11: This is were we have the biggest difference in the books. In RD76 it is Sewing for Men and Children and RD02 it’s Patchwork and Quilting

Since there is nothing to compare I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

Sewing for Men and Children has about 74 pages.



This section (Patchwork and Quilting) is the smallest in the book with only 10 pages dedicated and that includes the two projects, a man’s patchwork vest and a baby blanket.


RD02 ends here with just a glossary, index and acknowledgments & appendices to finish off the book.

Chapter 12: Sewing for the Home (RD76)




Last chapter for RD76 includes a few DIY projects. Unlike the RD02 you don’t need a pattern to do them. So easy for those international people who my not have easy access to patterns or getting them once they are out of print.



Conclusion: The saying that has been true for so many things “ain’t nothing like the original” the same can be said about this book. They are about 85% the same so if you can’t get your hands on an original you’ll still be good to go.


Until next time, happy sewing…