Wow!!! It has been a long year and a half for me, with lots of ups and downs, push backs and triumphs, full of naysayers and supporters, but I am so happy to finally start rearing my little head from the depths of trying to start-up my own indie pattern business.

love, work and life

I used to think that the above statement was/would be true. Huh! I can say first hand it’s NOT.¬†Building/starting Secret Garden Studio has been a work of both passion and enjoyment, but it is still WORK. A lot of work when trying to figure out everything on your own (there were many a times I wished I had a mentor), but I am happy doing it . I’m still at the very beginning of my thousand plus mile journey, and I’m only 10 steps in (its more like 9, but I’m being optimistic). I know there will be many more obstacles and hurdles to overcome, but I am soooo looking forward to the challenge.

Keep an eye out for my mini tutorials, sewing tips, pattern reviews, peeps into my studio, sew-alongs, and in the near future, sewing patterns by moi. YAY!!!!

Until next time, happy sewing…