Introducting My First PDF Sewing: 1601 Sabriya Maxi Wrap Skirt

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1601 Sabriya Maxi Wrap Skirt View B

If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have seen me hint at my new pdf sewing pattern that I plan to release this summer. Now 1601 Sabriya Maxi Wrap Skirt is making a preview  here on the blog. It has been a long time in the making and still a little while to go but it is close.  I still have a few finishing touches and then it is off to testers. If you would like to be a tester or just want to be one the first to know when it is released to sign up to the mailing list over on the side bar.

1601 Sabriya Maxi Wrap Skirt View A


Until next time, happy sewing…

Sewing Bucket List


I have been sewing for 14 years now and it has been a true enjoyment for me and there really isn’t anything I’m not willing to try but there are somethings I have yet to sew and really want to sew . I have put these items in a list and called it my sewing bucket list. They are in no particular order but I hope to get started on a couple of them sometime in the near future. They are:

1. Sew a capsule wardrobe
2. Tailor a traditional woman’s blazer/ Jacket
3. French (Chanel) Style Jacket
4. Sew myself a one of a kind trench coat.
5. Sew myself an evening gown.

Sew a capsule wardrobe

I ever since I found about SWAP (sewing with a plan) many years ago I have been with varying degrees obsessed with it. Seeing a plan transform from flat fabrics and patterns to a full handmade wardrobe of the sewn up items is impressive to me. I have attempted to sew my own little wardrobe a few times over the years but for some reason or another I have never finished a full plan but it has changed they way I sew. The method of sewing up a coordinating wardrobe is how I try to do most of my sewing now. When I plan my sewing I don’t just see it as an individual item but part of a bigger wardrobe. While most of my clothes are handmade by me, I am working towards upping that number to about 90%, I really would like to sew up about 6 to 12 interchangeable items at one time.

Tailor a Jacket

This would be a long project for me and that I think would be greatly rewarding and calming. While most of the items I wear  are pretty quick and easy, a project like this one where I can just take my time and just enjoy and appreciate the process would be nice change. I don’t wear tailored jackets right now and that is only because I own one. I can see me wearing one full blue skirt, a nice crisp white tee underneath and a pair of comfy flats to match, yeah I can it, NICELY.

Couture Cardigan Jacket

Sewing up classic French Style jacket would a dream again a nice and slow project. But once you have made one of these with your own hands you got some bragging rights. While there are a lot of books and articles out that show how to sew one up for yourself and I have the Couture Sewing book, I think something like this would be more suited to live class for me, but then again there is Craftsy.

Sew a Trench Coat

Sewing up a trench coat could be paired with sewing up a jacket but I don’t need all of that inside tailoring for MY trench coat. The trench
coat  mostly about the look or details on the outside for me, double-breasted , belt, long a-line shape and so on. This is again one of those longer to sew items but not that long. I think I may aim for trying for the summer to wear during the fall months.

Sew an Evening Gown

As a busy homeschooling stay at home mom to many, I don’t really have a lot of opportunities to wear as nice an evening gown. Now I have made myself a nice dress about 9 years ago but it was just a matching dress to my daughters dresses and it really wasn’t that fancy or unique.  I do I want one that is all me, designed and tailored to fit me to a tee with my unique personal style. While I was hoping to make one for myself with a holiday coming up but it looks like it is not going to happen. Maybe next year.

How about you do you have a sewing bucket list that you are working on? If so let me know in the comments section below.

And until next time, happy sewing…

Sewing Plans Dec.16/ Jan.17

It has been awhile since I last posted my sewing plans  (almost exactly 13 months to today), and there has been a lot of sewing since then but it has not been for me. I am so ready to start sewing more for me again. I have found that most of my most worn and longest lasting garments have been me made. I now mostly prefer clothes that are me made and so I have decided to make it a little challenge for myself and post my progress here. This is not just a one year challenge but something on going long term. I also plan to limit myself on the number of patterns I use. That way I work on the fit more and use more of my patternmaking skills.

As usual I think I’ll try to use mostly self drafted patterns and then indie and big 4 patterns. My goal is to sew at least one item a month just for myself but I am hoping that I can make it two items. I have seen challenges like this pop up on forums and social media sites a lot over the years and I have participated in some, but this one is all me. Since I am starting mid month my updates will always be mid month.

For this first month my plan is make a skirt with matching tee to go with it. I created a Pinterest board to help me some ideas. Also I think instead of sewing for the current season I’ll just sew one season ahead, makes it easier for me to sew since I know I am not rushing to make something for now.


How about you what will you be sewing this coming month?

Until next time, happy sewing…





What Sewing Means to Me


Back in September Carolyn over at Diary of a Sewing Fanatic did a series of post called  What Sewing Means to Me, while I haven’t finish reading all of the post I really did enjoy the ones that I did and though why not do a post of my own so you can know a little more about me. To give you a better understanding of what sewing means to me, I think giving a little background would be helpful.

I started my current journey almost 16 years ago, before that I had only dabbled in sewing  a bit not making much and only producing a handful of wearable items. After the birth of my first child I had gone from a size 6 to roughly a size 10/12, so I was in much need of some clothes. Most of the time before this I would just buy an item here or there but never really having an all out day of shopping and spending. Well DH surprised me with a good amount spending cash so that I could. I went to largest mall in my area at that time which was Arundel Mills. I went from store to store, all over that mall. I came home empty-handed I could not believe it. I made a mental vow that day that I would no longer depend on these stores and designers to dictate what is available to me or what is in. This also so why I started learning to draft my own patterns even the Big 4 started to look limited to me. Not to mention some seasons they seem come out with some carbon copies of each others patterns.

So what does sewing mean to me? It started out as a freedom, a freedom to be me and choose the things I liked. It meant control of the whole process and the finished product. Along with this freedom and control came a lot of joy and pain since I was new to sewing. It was like this for a couple of years and then that freedom and control changed. It changed into something I never thought would happen, it became a passion of mine, sewing was a passion  and anyone who knew me knew it too. It is my peace at the end of noisy day. It is my joy when I am feeling pain. It is my relaxation at the end of a stressful week. It is my creative voice coming out to serenade in its own special way. Sewing is not me but very special to me.

How about you, what does sewing mean to you? Let me know in the comment section.

Until next time, happy sewing…